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Logan Skelton: George Ohr songs; Marshall Clyburn songs

BGR 287


Playing time: 65'51"
Tracks: 23
Booklet pages: 16
© 2013 Blue Griffin Recording Inc
Received: 3 September 2013

Listen: Logan Skelton: Shapes Come to a Potter (Ohr Songs: The Mad Potter) (track 7, 0:00-0:48)

Stephen Lusmann, baritone
Logan Skelton, piano

Logan Skelton:

Ohr Songs: The Mad Potter (2008)
1 Introduction: The Poet Sings
2 Ohr-Ditty: Unequalled! Unrivalled! Undisputed!
3 As it Is - and Was -
4 When I First Found the Wheel
5 Piano Interlude: At the Wheel
6 Ohr-Ditty: The Storking Storks!
7 Shapes Come to a Potter
8 This is What I Can Do
9 Piano Interlude: Ruffling, Twisting, Collapsing
10 Ohr-Ditty: Whats the matter eh!
11 According to the Good Book
12 No Real Art
13 Piano Interlude: Everything in Everything (A Puzzle Mug)
14 Ohr-Ditty: A Hot Tomoly!
15 Father Time: A Prophecy
16 Art and Genius
17 The Potter Who Was
18 Postscript: When I am Gone

Clyburn Songs: A Kind of Weather (2009)
19 Meteorology of the Soul
20 little red
21 Greazy Man (a New Orleans character)
22 I Remember
23 The Last Golden Moment


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