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Kevin Malone: A Clockwork Operetta

msv 28543


Playing time: 70'05"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 8
© 2013 Kevin Malone / Diversions LLC
Received: 26 November 2013

Listen: Kevin Malone: Angels and Fireflies (track 4, 4:45-5:43)

Fidelio Trio:
Darragh Morgan, violin
Robin Michael, cello
Mary Dullea, piano
with Cheryl Law, viola

Ebb Trio
Emily Howard, mezzo-soprano
Cheryl Law, viola
Adam Swayne, piano
with Elizabeth Jordan, clarinet

John Turner, recorder
Manchester Sinfonia
Richard Howarth, conductor

Kevin Malone:

1 The Radio Song (mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano)

American Terpsichore (violin, viola, cello and piano)
2 Spin Alley
3 Fine Art and Garage Bands

4 Angels and Fireflies (recorder [or flute] and string orchestra)

A Clockwork Operetta (first recording of cabaret songs commissioned for the recently-discovered Anthony Burgess pop lyrics from A Clockwork Orange) (mezzo-soprano, viola and piano)

Scene One
5 Preamble
Feeling a Bit Shagged
What's It Going To Be Then?
Follow Your Leader
The Fight is On
Feeling Shagged (Again)
Honey Nose

Scene Two
6 Introduction
Must Itty to the Old Skollywoll
I Dream of the Gleam
7 Where From?
Rock and Horrorshow

Scene Three
8 Introduction
Unrepentant Sinners
You've Got This Violence Thing
You Needn't Take It Any Further
9 O Most Beautiful Devotchka
How About Me?
Man is a Creature of the Sun


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