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Playing time: 59'06"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 0
© 2013 Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman
Reviewer: Robert Anderson
Review of Orquestango published on 12 June 2014

Listen: Horacio Salgán: A Fuego Lento (track 1, 1:12-2:05)

Binelli-Ferman Duo, bandoneon and piano
Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra
Federico Garcia Vigil, conductor

Horacio Salgán, arranged by Daniel Binelli:
1 A Fuego Lento
2 Milonga casi Candombe
3 A Don Agustín Bardi

Daniel Binelli:
4 Preludio y Candombe
5 Metropólis
6 Imágenes de Buenos Aires

Astor Piazzolla:
7 Oblivión (solo piano version, arranged by Zunini-Consentino)
8 Tres Tangos Sinfónicos

Ariel Ramires arranged by Daniel Binelli:
9 Alfonsina y el mar


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