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Foundations - Modern Works in the Classical Tradition



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Andrew Schultz:
1 Magnificat Op 79 (2009)
2 Nunc Dimittis, Op 89 (2009)
Kühn Mixed Choir
Marek Vorlířek, conductor
Recorded 6 January 2013 at Prague Academy, Prague, Czech Republic

Sergio Cervetti:
3 Lux Lucet in Tenebris
Kühn Mixed Choir
Marek Vorlířek, conductor
Recorded 30 June 2011 at Prague Academy, Prague, Czech Republic

David Nisbet Stewart:
4 Toccata in C
5 Toccata in A
6 O Heiland, Reiss die Himmel auf
7 Herzliebster Jesu
8 Victimae Paschali Laudes
Libor Dudas, organ
Recorded 26 August 2013 at the Dover Church, Dover MA, USA

Joanne D Carey:
9 Sinfonia Concertante for horn and chamber orchestra
Mark Biondolillo, French horn
Members of the Millennium Orchestra
Robert Ian Winstin, conductor
Recorded 19 May 2009 at 2618 Colley Avenue, Norfolk VA, USA

Daniel Perttu:
10 Mountain Twilight
Greenville Symphony Orchestra
Michael Gelfand, conductor
Shenango Valley Chorale
Edgar Groves, conductor
Recorded 18 February 2012 at William A Passavant Center, Thiel College, Greenville PA, USA

Jonathan Sacks:
11 for Organ and Orchestra
Thomas Pinch, organ
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Petr Vronský, conductor
Recorded 25 June 2012 at Reduta Hall, Olomouc, Czech Republic (orchestra) and December 2012 at St A Coulter-Pecksniff, Tujunga CA, USA (organ)

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