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Hampson Sisler: The Second Coming

MS 1489


Playing time: 56'12"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 12
© 2013 Hampson Sisler
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Hampson Sisler: The Second Coming published on 29 September 2014

Listen: Hampson Sisler: Prologue (The Second Coming) (track 1, 3:40-4:38)

Sofia Chamber Choir
Teodora Dimitrova, chorus master
Sofia Sinfonietta
Marlon Daniel, conductor

Hampson Sisler (born 1932):

The Second Coming - an oratorio for chorus with orchestra

1 Part I - Prologue: Prophesies 1 and 2

Part II - The Seven Seals
2 The First Seal - The First Horseman: Pestilence
3 The Second Seal - The Second Horseman: War
4 The Third Seal - The Third Horseman: Famine
5 The Fourth Seal - The Fourth Horseman: Death
6 The Fifth Seal - White-Robed Martyrs
7 The Sixth Seal - Hiding from God's Wrath
8 The Seventh Seal - Seven Trumpeting Angels

9 Part III - Bowls of Wrath
First Bowl - worshiping the beast
Second Bowl - sea turns to blood
Third Bowl - just judgements of the Holy One
Fourth Bowl - sun scorches the unjust
Fifth Bowl - kingdom of the beast, plunged into darkness
Sixth Bowl - Euphrates dries up; demons; false prophets and Armageddon
Seventh Bowl - 'It is done!' lightning, earthquake, giant hailstones; God's wrath

Recorded in 2013 at the Bulgarian National Academy of Music, 'Pancho Vladigerov', Sofia


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