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Handel: The Triumph of Time and Truth

DCD34135 (2 discs)


Playing time: 78'28"/76'15" - TT 154'43"
Tracks: 27 + 30
Booklet pages: 32
© 2014 Delphian Records Ltd
Reviewer: Robert Anderson
Review of Handel: The Triumph of Time and Truth published on 20 August 2014

Sophie Bevan, soprano - Beauty
Mary Bevan, soprano - Deceit
Tim Mead, countertenor - Counsel/Truth
Ed Lyon, tenor - Pleasure
William Berger, bass - Time
Ludus Baroque
Oliver Webber, orchestra leader
Will Dawes, chorus leader
Richard Neville-Towle, conductor

George Frideric Handel:

The Triumph of Time and Truth, HWV 71


1 Overture

Act One

2 Chorus: Time is supreme
3 Recitative (Beauty): How happy could I linger here
4 Recitative (Beauty): Faithful mirror
5 Recitative (Pleasure/Beauty): Fear not I, Pleasure, swear
6 Air (Pleasure): Pensive Sorrow
7 Air (Beauty): Sorrow darkens ev'ry feature
8 Air and Chorus: Come, come! Live with Pleasure
9 Recitative (Time/Counsel): Turn, look on me! Behold old Time
10 Air (Counsel): The beauty smiling
11 Recitative (Pleasure/Beauty/Time/Counsel): Our pow'rs we all will try
12 Air (Beauty): Ever-flowing tides of pleasure
13 Recitative (Time): The hand of Time pulls down
14 Air (Time): Loathsome urns
15 Chorus: Strengthen us, O Time
16 Recitative (Deceit): Too rigid the reproof you give
17 Air (Deceit): Happy Beauty
18 Air (Deceit): and Chorus: Happy, if still they reign in pleasure
19 Recitative (Counsel/Time/Pleasure): Youth is not rich in Time
20 Air (Time) and Chorus: Like the shadow, life is ever flying

Act Two

21 Chorus: Pleasure submits to pain
22 Recitative (Pleasure/Beauty): Here Pleasure keeps his splendid court
23 Chorus: Oh, how great the glory
24 Air (Pleasure) and Chorus: Dryads, sylvans, with fair Flora
25 Air (Deceit): No more complaining
26 Air (Deceit): Pleasure's gentle Zephyrs playing
27 Air (Beauty): Come, O Time


1 Air (Counsel): Mortals think that Time is sleeping
2 Recitative (Time): You hoped to call in vain
3 Air (Time): False destructive ways of Pleasure
4 Recitative (Counsel/Time): Too long deluded you have been
5 Air (Pleasure): Lovely Beauty, close those eyes
6 Recitative (Deceit): Seek not to know
7 Air (Deceit): Melancholy is a folly
8 Recitative (Time/Beauty): What is the present hour?
9 Air (Beauty): Fain would I, two hearts enjoying
10 Recitative (Counsel): Vain the delights of age or youth
11 Air (Counsel): On the valleys
12 Recitative (Time/Beauty/Counsel): Not venial error this
13 Chorus: Ere to dust is changed thy beauty

Act Three

14 Sinfonia
15 Recitative (Deceit): Once more I thee address
16 Air (Deceit): Charming Beauty
17 Recitative (Beauty): Tempt me no more
18 Air (Deceit): Sharp thorns despising
19 Recitative (Counsel/Beauty): Regard her not
20 Air (Beauty): Pleasure! My former ways resigning
21 Chorus: Comfort them, O Lord
22 Recitative (Beauty/Pleasure/Counsel): Since the immortal mirror I posess
23 Air (Counsel): Thus to earth, thou false, delusive, flatt'ring mirror
24 Recitative (Beauty): O mighty Truth!
25 Air (Time): From the heart that feels my warning
26 Recitative (Beauty/Pleasure): Pleasure, too long associates we have been
27 Air (Pleasure): Like clouds, stormy winds them impelling
28 Recitative (Beauty): She's gone; and Truth, descending
29 Air (Beauty): Guardian angels
30 Chorus: Hallelujah

Recorded 4-7 August 2013 in Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, Scotland


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