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William Averitt: The Deepness of the Blue

MS 1509


Playing time: 47'01"
Tracks: 15
Booklet pages: 12
© 2014 William Averitt
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of William Averitt: The Deepness of the Blue published on 15 May 2015

Listen: William Averitt: Song (The Dream Keeper) (track 15, 0:00-0:57)

Natalie Lassinger, soprano (track 4)
Conservatory Singers (Conservatory of Music and Dance, Univsity of Missouri-Kansas City)
Lee Thompson and Melissa Loehnig, piano 4 hands
Robert Bode, conductor

William Averitt (born 1948):

Three choral cycles on poems by Langston Hughes (1902-1967)

Afro-American Fragments (1991)
1 Wonder
2 When Sue Wears Red
3 Dream Dust
4 Song for Billie Holiday
5 Feet o' Jesus
6 Fire!

The Deepness of the Blue (2012)
7 New Moon
8 My Loves
9 Poem [to F S]
10 Drum
11 Danse Africaine

The Dream Keeper (2009)
12 The Dream Keeper
13 Dream Variations
14 As I Grew Older
15 Song

Recorded at a concert on 24 February 2013 at the White Recital Hall, James C Olson Performing Arts Centre, University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA


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