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A selection of M&V 'Jesus Christ' articles

CD Spotlight. End Times? - Hampson Sisler's 'The Second Coming', heard by Howard Smith. '... fine Bulgarian performance ...'

CD Spotlight. A Valuable Sampling - Armenian music, heard by Howard Smith. '... South Caucasian music performed by a team of its best authenticated exponents.'

Ensemble. The Grand Inquisitor - Giuseppe Pennisi was at the first performance of Alessandro Solbiati's 'La Leggenda' in Turin, and raises the issue of the replicability of modern grand opera

DVD Spotlight. Dramatic Truth - Giuseppe Verdi's 'Don Carlo', reviewed by Robert Hugill. '... a strong candidate for the library shelves.'

CD Spotlight. Cosmic Distance - Choral music from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, recommended by George Balcombe. '... such clarity ...'

Ensemble. Distinctive Fervour - Music for Holy Week sung by the Chapelle du Roi, heard by Robert Hugill

Dimensions of Night - Gordon Rumson previews a new work for piano by Larry Sitsky

Ensemble. A Triumph - Bach's St John Passion from Derby, enjoyed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. An Excellent Team - Bach's St Matthew Passion from Derby Cathedral, appreciated by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. A gripping evening - 'Billy Budd' at English National Opera, reviewed by Robert Hugill

CD Spotlight. Wind without mercy - Robert Hugill's 'Passion', reviewed by Keith Bramich. '... a very distinctive soundworld ...'

Ensemble. Spiritual journey - Martin Torp's oratorio 'Siehe, ich mache alles neu', appreciated by Robert Anderson


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