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An Imperial Festival

GIUSEPPE PENNISI visits Ravenna to hear
Pierre Boulez, Adriano Guarnieri and Nicola Piovani


Ravenna was the capital of the Roman Empire for almost a century (from 402 AD to 476 AD) as witnessed by magnificent Byzantine churches and palaces. Since 1990, it has gradually begun to be the setting for one of the most important European music festivals. Indeed, like Salzburg in terms of resident population (nearly 150,000), Ravenna features a series of festivals, almost all the year around: an opera and play 'season' in the Winter and Spring, a long summer festival (this year from 22 May to 27 July), and an opera and ballet 'trilogy' (three operas or three ballets during three weekends) in the Autumn. These activities are mostly supported by local authorities and businesses rather than by central government...

Copyright © 11 June 2015 Giuseppe Pennisi,
Rome, Italy






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