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Sofia Gubaidulina: Complete Guitar Works



Playing time: 57'05"
Tracks: 4
Booklet pages: 4
© 2015 Naxos Rights US Inc
Reviewer: Keith Bramich
Review of Sofia Gubaidulina: Complete Guitar Works published on 14 July 2015

Listen: Sofia Gubaidulina: Sotto Voce (track 4, 6:35-7:35)

Sofia Gubaidulina (born 1931):

1 Repentance (2008)

David Tanenbaum, guitar
Thomas Viloteau, guitar
Paul Psarras, guitar
Peter Wyrick, cello
Mark Wright, bass

2 Serenade (1960)

David Tanenbaum, guitar

3 Toccata (c1969) (first recording)

David Tanenbaum, guitar

4 Sotto Voce (2010, revised 2013)

David Tanenbaum, guitar
Marc Teicholz, guitar
Jodi Levitz, viola
Scott Pingel, bass

Recorded on 22 February 2010 at Sol Joseph Recital Hall (track 1), and on 3 October 2014 (track 4) and 14 October 2014 (tracks 2-3) at Osher Salon, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, California, USA


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