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Will Todd: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



Playing time: 68'42"
Tracks: 22
Booklet pages: 12
© 2015 Signum Records
Reviewer: Roderic Dunnett
Review of Will Todd: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland published on 27 March 2016

Listen: Will Todd: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) (track 11, 0:00-0:48)

Fflur Wyn, Alice
James Cleverton, Rabbit
Robert Burt, Dad / Queen of Hearts
Victoria Simmonds, Mum / Mad Hatter
Magid El-Bushra, Cheshire Cat
Keel Watson, Caterpillar
John Lofthouse, March Hare / White Knight
Maud Millar, Humpty Dumpty / Duchess / Bottle / Victorian
Rosie Middleton, Brat / Tweedle Dum / Victorian
Rosanne Havel, Brat / Tweedle Dee
Stephanie Bodsworth, Dormouse
Edward Hughes, Victorian
Henry Grant Kerswell, Victorian

Paul Fawcus, saxophone / flute
William Cooper, trumpet
Bob Price, trombone
Charlotte Forrest, piano
Dave Ayre, bass
Glyn Matthews, percussion
Miloš Milivojević, accordion
Eleanor Bartlett, violin 1
Esther King Smith, violin 2
Helen Sanders-Hewitt, viola
Carina Drury, cello
Matthew Waldren, conductor
Martin Duncan, director
Leslie Travers, designer
Stuart Stratford, production musical director
Matthew Eberhardt, associate director
Adam Scown, choreographer
Ian Brignall, orchestra manager
James Clutton, producer

Will Todd: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (2013) - a family opera with libretto by Maggie Gottlieb, commissioned by Opera Holland Park

1 Overture
2 Nice weather for rabbits
3 Victorian quartet: 'Where did she go?'
4 Down the rabbit hole
5 Drink me!
6 Humpty's new curriculum
7 An unsatisfactory explanation
8 Victorian quartet: 'Pillarcat!'
9 The Wonderland Blues
10 Victorian quartet: 'Teatime!'
11 The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
12 The tea was a trap!
13 The Queen of Hearts (Off with their heads!)
14 Alice alone
15 I flew high in my dreams
16 A white knight
17 The lovelorn duchess
18 Victorian quartet: 'I say!'
19 Rollin' ...
20 Love song with hats
21 Wonderland restored
22 It was all true!

Recorded at Angel Recording Studios and Jazzmouse Studio


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