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Ensemble. High Standards - Bill Newman listens to various artists at London's Wigmore Hall

CD Spotlight. Vital and Committed - Music for string quartet by Janácek and Dvorák , recommended by Robert Anderson. '... an outstanding disc ...'

CD Spotlight. Many Levels - Chamber music by Mozart and Smetana, heard by Howard Smith. '... judged to perfection ...'

CD Spotlight. Thoughtful and Elegiac - String quartets by David Matthews, recommended by Ron Bierman. 'The performances do full justice to the music.'

Ensemble. Mix-and-match - Ensembles from the Royal Northern College of Music, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Highly Dramatic - The Wihan Quartet at Kings Place, heard by Bill Newman

CD Spotlight. Impeccable - Music by Szymanowski, Webern and Schoeck, recommended by Ron Bierman. 'The quartet plays with authority throughout ...'

DVD Spotlight. Forthright Tempos - The Wihan Quartet plays Beethoven, heard by Howard Smith. '... little to truly set their work apart ...'

CD Spotlight. Matchless Artistry - The Wihan Quartet plays Dvorák, recommended by Howard Smith. '... the finest of bravura chamber performances.'

CD Spotlight. Finely Judged - Brahms and Schumann piano quartets, heard by Robert Anderson. 'This is music-making both sensitive and relaxed.'

CD Spotlight. Grandest Lines - Donald Tovey's cello concerto, heard by Robert Anderson. '... satisfyingly masterful.'

CD Spotlight. Rhythmic Interplay - Music by Babbitt and Feldman, heard by Patric Standford. '... fresh and striking ...'

CD Spotlight. Lyrical Powers - Orchestral music by Louis Spohr, heard by Robert Anderson. 'Howard Shelley and the Swiss orchestra clearly relish this unusual assignment.'

CD Spotlight. Miniaturist Skills - Music by Carey Blyton, heard by Patric Standford. '... a delight for both performer and listener.'

CD Spotlight. An Exceptional Recording - Mozart's 'Idomeneo', treasured by Patric Standford. '... beautifully paced and crafted ...'

Ensemble. Dancing in the Air - Mary Isaac enjoys a concert of music from Latin America

Ensemble. Shift of Perspective - The Stanford Quartet plays Mozart, Shostakovich, Borodin and Piazzolla, welcomed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. A Bold Piece - Jonathan Dove's 'Swanhunter', reviewed by Patric Standford

Ensemble. Robust Voices - Susan Hampton visits Boston for Puccini's 'La bohème'

Ensemble. Life-enhancing - Mike Wheeler listens to the Atrium Quartet

Ensemble. Brisk Ebullience - Lawrence Budmen sends a second report from this summer's Tanglewood Festival

Ensemble. A Classy Show - Pimlico Opera's 'Rigoletto', reviewed by Robert Hugill

CD Spotlight. Impeccable Technique - Beethoven's middle string quartets, heard by Robert Anderson. 'The outer movements induce some grinding of teeth.'

CD Spotlight. Perfection of Ensemble - Beethoven's early string quartets, heard by Robert Anderson. '... no excuse for the near-supersonic velocity ...'

CD Spotlight. Towering Achievement - Beethoven's late string quartets impress Robert Anderson. '... full marks to these players ...'

CD Spotlight. Evident Sympathy - Major piano works by Schubert, heard by Robert Anderson. '... Lipkin understands well how to respect the silences ...'

Ask Alice - On business and friends, with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Ask Alice - On loyalty to pupils, with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Life and Other Distractions - Béla Hartmann writes about the relevance of biography to an appreciation of the arts

Ensemble. Declamatory Eloquence - Mendelssohn, Haydn and Shostakovich from the Navarra Quartet, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Tonal Understanding - The Belcea Quartet plays Schubert and Beethoven, enjoyed by Bill Newman

Ensemble. Exquisite Finesse - A concert by the Elias Quartet, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Musical Paradise - The Artemis Quartet shines at Urbana's Krannert Center, reviewed by Sonja Stojanovic

Ensemble. Deeply Involving - Emile de Roubaix and the Maraini Quartet play Mozart, Szymanowski and Brahms, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Compelling Readings - Bartók's String Quartets in Ottawa, enjoyed by Bert Bailey

Ensemble. The Journey Begins - Malcolm Tattersall is at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music 2006

Profile. Emotional contours - Ian Wilson, featured composer at the 2005 Presteigne Festival, talks to Robert Hugill

Three Questions before the First Night - Carson Cooman talks to Augusta Read Thomas about the forthcoming première of her new orchestral work 'Credences of Summer'

Three Questions before the First Night - Carson Cooman talks to Julia Scott Carey about the forthcoming première of her new Piano Concerto

Three Questions before the First Night - Carson Cooman talks to Nancy Galbraith about the forthcoming première of her new Requiem

Three Questions before the First Night - Carson Cooman talks to David Stock as the première of Stock's Fifth String Quartet approaches

CD Spotlight. Editor's choice? - Schumann string quartets, reviewed by Robert Anderson. 'I could wish indeed that the music had puzzled them more.'

Ensemble. Mutual enthusiasm - Rex Harley meets Phoenix Rising

CD Spotlight. Fresh lyricism - Dvorák quartets on Praga Digitals, reviewed by Robert Anderson. '... beautifully captured by the Kocian team.'

CD Spotlight. Holstian time-warp - Martinu from the quartet bearing his name, by Roderic Dunnett. '... played with appealing clarity.'

CD Spotlight. Speaking extravagantly - The string quartets of David Stock, appreciated by Ron Bierman

Ensemble. Russian resonance - The first of a new series of Music at the Wallace Collection

Record box - Checking the pulse. Vaughan Williams and chamber music, with Basil Ramsey

Record box - Young music. Early quartets by Arriaga, with Basil Ramsey

CD Spotlight - Circuit of excellence. '... the Lindsays provide performances matching the quality that strides through some of the best of Dvorák.' Dvorák well served, with Basil Ramsey


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