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Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale (complete)



Playing time: 58'02"
Tracks: 29
Booklet pages: 12
© 2016 Naxos Rights US Inc
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale (complete) published on 26 August 2016

Fred Child, Narrator
Jared McGuire, The Soldier
Jeff Biehl, The Devil
Tianwa Yang, violin
Virginia Arts Festival Chamber Players:
Ricardo Morales, clarinet
Laura Leisring, bassoon
David Vonderheide, trumpet
R Scott McElroy, trombone
Robert W Cross, percussion
Christopher White, double bass
Pamela Berlin, director
JoAnn Falletta, conductor

Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971):

The Soldier's Tale (1918) (complete, with text by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, English version by Michael Flanders and Kitty Black, revised by Pamela Berlin)

Part I
1 Introduction: The Soldier's March
2 Soldier: This isn't a bad place to stop ...

Scene 1
3 Airs by a Stream
4 Devil: Give me your fiddle ...
5 The Soldier's March (reprise)
6 Narrator: Hurray, here we are! ...

Scene 2
7 Pastorale
8 Narrator: The Soldier looks up ...
9 Pastorale (reprise)
10 Narrator: He took the book and began to read ...

Scene 3
11 Airs by a Stream - Narrator: Just to stretch out on the grass ...
12 Airs by a Stream (reprise)

Part II
13 The Soldier's March (reprise) - Narrator: Down a hot and dusty road ...
14 Narrator: Now he comes to another land ...
15 Royal March
16 Narrator: They gave the word for the band to play ...
17 The Little Concert
18 Narrator: There on her bed the Princess lies ...

Three Dances
19 Tango
20 Valse
21 Ragtime

22 Narrator: The Soldier holds the Princess close ...
23 The Devil's Dance
24 Narrator: The Devil's exhausted ...
25 The Little Chorale
26 The Devil's Song - Devil: All right! I shall have to wait ...
27 Grand Chorale - Narrator: You must not seek to add to what you have ...
28 Narrator: I have everything ...
29 Triumphal March of the Devil

Recorded 9 May 2015 at Robin Hixon Theater, Norfolk, Virginia, USA


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