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Drop down, ye heavens - Siglo de Oro


24-bit stereo

Playing time: 64'45"
Tracks: 14
Booklet pages: 20
© 2016 Delphian Records Ltd
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Drop down, ye heavens - Siglo de Oro published on 20 November 2016

Listen: Richard Allain: O Day-spring (track 9, 1:33-2:31)

Siglo de Oro
Patrick Allies, director
Sam Corkin, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone

Judith Weir (born 1954):
1 Drop down, ye heavens, from above

Will Todd (born 1970):
2 O Wisdom

Pierre Certon (1510-1572):
3 O Adonai

Angus McPhee, bass

Matthew Kaner (born 1986):
4 O Adonai

Bonnie Miksch (born 1970):
5 There is no rose

Samuel Rathbone (born 1986):
6 O Root of Jesse

Antoine de Mornable (flourished 1530-1553):
7 O Clavis David

David Le Prevost, bass

Francis Pott (born 1957):
8 O Key of David

Richard Allain (born 1965):
9 O Day-spring

Michael Praetorius (1571-1621):
10 Praesepe iam fulget tuum

Gareth Wilson (born 1976):
11 O King of the Nations

Stuart Turnbull (born 1975):
12 O Emmanuel

Josquin des Prez (c1450-1521):
13 O Virgo virginum

Ralph Allwood (born 1950):

14 O Virgin of virgins

Bethany Partridge, soprano 1
Hannah Ely, soprano 2

Advent antiphons for choir and saxophone

Recorded 12-14 January 2016 at St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood, London UK


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