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Rich Baroque

'La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'Isola di Alcina'
by the almost forgotten Francesca Caccini,


According to legends and hearsay, until very modern times, ladies were subdued and kept away from the arts and professions. However, during the Italian Renaissance, women had important roles in politics (eg Lucrezia Borgia), visual arts (eg Barbara Longhi) and even in music. On 10 November 2016, RomaBarocca Ensemble, created some twenty years ago by Lorenzo Tozzi (see Praise and Attention, 4 September 2010), presented one of these now forgotten musicians : Francesca Caccini nè Signorini Malaspina, proposing Caccini's La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'Isola di Alcina in the astonishing Oratorio del Gonfalone, a real gem of baroque architecture in the old area of downtown Rome. Over the last twenty years, RomaBarocca Ensemble has gone a long way towards the rediscovery of Rome's rich baroque compositions...

Copyright © 18 November 2016 Giuseppe Pennisi,
Rome, Italy





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