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Erik Chisholm: Simoon


24-bit stereo

Playing time: 48'36"
Tracks: 16
Booklet pages: 28
© 2016 Delphian Records Ltd
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Erik Chisholm: Simoon published on 5 January 2017

Jane Irwin, soprano (Biskra)
Philip Sheffield, tenor (Yusuf)
Damian Thantrey, baritone (Guimard)
Charlie Drummond, soprano (Voice)
Roddy Simpson, stage director
Sue Baxendale, producer
Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland
Ian Ryan, conductor

Erik Chisholm (1904-1965):

Simoon, opera in one act to a libretto by August Strindberg (1849-1912), translated by Edwin Björkman (1866-1951)

Scene One
1 Introduction
2 La ilaha illa'llah!
3 Biskra! Do you still know how to hate?
4 I am going now to sleep beside the spring
6 My eyes are already beginning to see red

Scene Two
7 The Simoon is here
8 That was the dog that bit you!
9 Biskra, Biskra, Biskra, Simoon, Simoon
10 I am Ali the guide
11 I hear the murmuring of a spring
12 What do you see now?
13 Now you are dying, Frank
14 Can you hear the drums?
15 Yes, you are dead!

Scene Three
16 Simoon! Simoon!

First recording, live on 8 June 2015 at Western Baths, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


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