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The Passing Sound of Forever - The Chamber Works of Jane O'Leary



Playing time: [c60']
Tracks: 13
Booklet pages: 6
© 2017 Navona Records LLC
Received: 19 December 2016

Listen: Jane O'Leary: III (The Passing Sound of Forever ...) (track 13, 0:00-1:00)

Jane O'Leary (born 1946):

1 A Way Through (2013)

Madeleine Staunton, alto flute
Paul Roe, bass clarinet
Dermot Dunne, accordion

2 No 19 (2012)

Elaine Clark, violin

Murmurs and Echoes (2015)
3 I
4 II
6 IV
7 V

Paul Roe, clarinet
David Bremner, piano

A Winter Sketchbook (2015)
8 I

Madeleine Staunton, alto flute
Elaine Clark, violin

10 ... From Hand to Hand ... (2011)

Andreja Malir, concert harp
Martin Johnson, cello

The Passing Sound of Forever ... (2015)
11 I
12 II
13 III

ConTempo Quartet:
Bogdan Sofei, violin
Ingrid Nicola, violin
Andreea Banciu, viola
Adrian Mantu, cello


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