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Martinu: The Greek Passion

OC 967 (2 discs)


Playing time: 68'40"/68'23" - TT 137'03"
Tracks: 23 + 20
Booklet pages: 68
© 2017 OehmsClassics Musikproduktion GmbH
Reviewer: Paul Sarcich
Review of Martinu: The Greek Passion published on 13 September 2017

Listen: Martinu: Manolios! Manolios! (Greek Passion, Act II Scene 3) (CD1 track 19, 0:00-0:54)

Rolf Romei, Manolios
Dshamilja Kaiser, Katerina
Markus Butter, Priest Fotis
Wilfried Zelinka, Priest Grigoris
Manuel von Senden, Yannikos
Tatjana Miyus, Lenio
Taylan Reinhard, Panait
Ivan Oreščanin, Archon
Tino Sekay, Ladas
Konstantin Sfiris, an old man
Dariusz Perczak, Kostandis
Martin Fournier, Michelis
Sofía Mara, Despinio
Yuan Zhang, an old woman
Benjamin Plautz, commentator
David McShane, Canto (baritone)
Chor & Extrachor der Oper Graz
Chor der Kunstuniversität Graz
Grazer Philharmonisches Orchester
Dirk Kaftan, conductor

Bohuslav Martinů (1890-1959):

Die Griechische Passion ('The Greek Passion') - Musikdrama in 4 Akten


Act I
1 Opening - Lord, my Lord!

Scene 1
2 This world is a real success!
3 La, la, la!
4 Approach, Manolios, approach

Scene 2
5 Don't you notice me, my Lord?

Scene 3
6 Listen to that!
7 Lord! Lord!
8 Katerina, what are you after here among all these men?
9 Who are you? What are you doing here?
10 He looks like the Apostle James ...
11 My sons, at this very moment
12 I have nothing else, my sisters
13 Father, tonight you can rest on the Sarakina mount
14 May the race take root

Act II
15 Then ... the deep peace

Scene 1
16 Here, my son

Scene 2
17 Hi, Yannakos!

Scene 3
18 Yannakos! Oh, Manolios!
19 Manolios! Manolios!

Scene 4
20 Three times I have seen villages planted
21 Here we'll build the gate!
22 Here is a good man from Lycovrissi
23 Father! Father! The old man is dead!



Scene 1
1 Eat! Eat!
2 Manolios! Manolios!

Scene 2
3 Manolios! What's the matter?

Scene 3
4 Who is there?

Scene 4
5 I'm son of the light

Scene 5
6 What is he talking about?
7 Christ is still alive
8 I would like to tell you an adventure

Act IV

Scene 1
9 Oh! As the apple tree among the trees
10 Today Lenio and Nikolio are celebrating their wedding
11 God called up the day

Scene 2
12 It's Manolios!
13 Brothers, Christians!
14 Men, listen to me
15 It is Christmas eve

Scene 3
16 Don't awake him, he's dreaming
17 Manolios is dead, let's pray for him
18 Gloria, Gloria, Alleluja!
19 The name of the young man was written on the snow
20 Alleluja / Kyrie eleison

Recorded live at Opera Graz, Graz, Austria, March/April 2016


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