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Robert Aldridge: Sister Carrie

8.669039-40 (2 discs)


Playing time: 77'49"/75'44" - TT 153'33"
Tracks: 26 + 26
Booklet pages: 44
© 2017 Naxos Rights US Inc
Received: 2 September 2017

Listen: Robert Aldridge: Duet on the train (Sister Carrie, Act I) (CD1 track 24, 0:03-1:03)

Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano (Carrie)
Keith Phares, baritone (Hurstwood)
Matt Morgan, tenor (Drouet)
Alisa Suzanne Jordheim, soprano (Lola)
Stephen Cunningham, bass-baritone (Abdul/Captain)
Florentine Opera Chorus
Scott S Stewart, chorus master
Florentine Opera Company
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
William Boggs, conductor

Robert Livingston Aldridge (born 1954):

Sister Carrie (2012) - an opera in two acts, to a libretto by Herschell Garfein (born 1958), based on the novel by Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)


Act I
1 Overture: Carrie arrives in Chicago, 1900
2 She finds work in a vast shoe factory
3 Scene 1: Four. Four. Four on. Four off
4 There is music here, Bill
5 Here's a very good worker who can't make it go
6 Scene 2: Outside the factory, later that day
7 Duet: You belong in places like this
8 Quartet: I can help you get along
9 Scene 3: Everything is paid for
10 Scene 4: At Fitzgerald and Moy
11 It's opening night at McVickar's
12 Scene and Aria: There they are!
13 Trio with Ensemble: Try the bright ingénue
14 Scene 5: The Hurstwood family home, several weeks later; a park at dusk
15 Duet in the park: My darling!
16 And one day if I came to you
17 Oh. Have you made your mind up about our summer plans?
18 Scene 6: The back room of Fitzgerald and Moy, later that night
19 Mister Hurstwood?
20 The Embezzlement Aria: I'll lock up
21 You are the only wonder
22 Closing doors
23 Scene 7: Outside Carrie's flat; in a carriage; on a train
24 Duet on the train: Remember what you said to me that night in the park
25 When you asked if you could be with me, what did I say?
26 I have only dreams, Carrie


Act II
1 Scene 1: An apartment in New York, four months later
2 Arietta: We adore these two
3 Congratulations!
4 Scene 2: Same setting, a few hours later
5 I have my first audition today
6 Scene 3: A large rehearsal hall in New York
7 We're consultin' with the Sultan
8 And their father, poor old Goriot
9 Would anyone like to hear my news?
10 You're a nice one to talk about who we can associate with!
11 I could be rather late
12 Scene 4: Their flat, a few minutes later
13 Aria: I'm at home in the world
14 Scene 5: 'The Wives of Abdul', an operetta
15 I'm really quite distracted
16 Scene 6: The Letter Duet
17 Scene 7: On the street; backstage at the Royale Theater
18 Mash Notes Duet: Are you ready?
19 Scene 8: Times Square. A winter night, months later
20 Shiloh. Antietam
21 Scene 9: The Strike. Outside the Broadway Central Trolley Depot, the next day
22 If you have any real feeling, hide it like a treasure
23 Scene 10: Finale: Outside the depot; In a flophouse; on a Broadway stage
24 I'd like a better room, with private heat
25 Have you heard? Have you heard?
26 That's you all right

Recorded 7-9 October 2016 at Uihlein Hall, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


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