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Glacier Music - Ecoacoustics of glaciers



Playing time: [c70']
Tracks: 5
Booklet pages: 6
© 2019 Ravello Records LLC
Reviewer: Keith Bramich
Review of Glacier Music - Ecoacoustics of glaciers published on 8 January 2019

Listen: Matthew Burtner: Muir Glacier,1889-2009 (track 5, 0:00-1:00)

Rivanna Quartet (track 1):
Daniel Sender, violin
David Sariti, violin
Ayn Balija, viola
Adam Carter, cello

Albemarle Ensemble (track 1):
Kelly Sulick, flute
Shawn Earle, clarinet
Katy Ambrose, horn
Greg Howard, chapman stick

Brandon Bell, percussion (track 2)

Trevor Saint, percussion (track 4)

Matthew Burtner:

1 Sound cast of Matanuska Glacier

2 Sonic physiography of a time-stretched glacier

3 Threnody (Sikuigvik)

4 Syntax of Snow

5 Muir Glacier,1889-2009


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