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How are we doing?

For you, the reader, an opinion about what we have presented so far will depend on your experience of us, so your interest is either so recent as yet not to have been formulated, or you are the lingering sort waiting to see if it gets better, or - our favourite- has you in raptures of delight wondering why we are bothering with all this.

This is the chance for you to email your thoughts and suggestions for features. Should this encourage you also to list our weaknesses, we will not shirk them in the interests of impartiality. But please do not fire verbal torpedoes for the sheer hell of it. We are all sensitive folk unbelievably anxious to do the right thing as conveyors of musical information and opinion, some of it from very good authority.

The persistent amongst you will, over the next month or two see slight changes, which to us will be improvements, and a lot of new ideas which may or may not prove themselves. A feedback of comment will both encourage us to develop further and help us to incorporate potentially good ideas with a fair chance of success.

So, this is your chance.of contact and assisting us towards an excellent Internet music magazine for the worldwide web.

Copyright © Basil Ramsey, 14 February 1999

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