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Alexander Technique Information Center Source

The Alexander Technique Center Information Source at contains accurate, clear, and in-depth information including an introductory article, recommended books and links, and extensive information on the Alexander Technique and Ergonomics. An excellent site for musicians on the Alexander Technique can also be found at At, three musicians talk about the Alexander Technique, and about their applications of the technique.


Frank Martin

An excellent site for the Swiss composer Frank Martin has been set up by (amongst others) the composer's widow and his grandson. Includes all the usual composer details, and a section on the Frank Martin house in Naarden in the Netherlands. 


Automatic Links at the WWW Virtual Library- Music Site

At  the WWW Virtual Library Music Site has opened a new 'automatic links' page listing web sites by categories. Links appear instantly, and can be edited to fix mistakes (as long as the edits are made before leaving the site. Charles K. Moss invites anyone with a music site to create their own link.


MIDI World

You can see a list of MIDI composers at MIDI World -


Green Tiger Music

Jim Cooke from Lancashire in the UK invites you to visit Green Tiger Music at


Helsinki Strings

The Helsinki Strings are at They will be touring England in October - more information on the Helsinki Strings website.


CDs online

The following list of sites which sell CDs over the web. There are probably others too - the list is not neccessarily comprehensive: (good classical selection)


D3 Music Learning Network

The D3 Music Learning Network is a community of websites which offer on-line music education, including 'how to play' files for the piano, guitar, flute, drums, harmonica, violin, clarinet and bass. The site, at, makes extensive use of streaming video, sound and notation.

Classical Music on the Web UK

Len Mullenger tells us that following a similar redesign of the front page to 'Film Music on the Web (UK)', Classical Music on the Web UK' has now been redesigned by Helen San. A new section of this site (called Seen & Heard, and edited by Peter Grahame Woolf) reviews live concerts and exhibitions. To request a concert review, please email Len is also willing to place the CVs of young performers on his site for a minimum charge of £20 per annum. Finally, please note that the URLs of Len's Classical and Film Music websites have changed to and respectively.

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