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Marco Uccellini is not a composer whose name hounds you across the air waves when seeking a bit of decent music on the radio. A short extract defines the period [click for music]. From early 17th century days in Italy, Uccellini was both a violinist and composer of real calibre, maestro di capella at Modena, and later Parma. He composed much more than has survived, so we must be content with several collections of instrumental music. The 16 tracks on this CD whet the musical appetite as Uccellini endlessly pursues means of expression through his unquenchable spirit of adventure. Every note is part of an inventive foray through countless devices. Yet his passion for deep expression touches our 20th century ears with the warmth familiar to listeners when musical truth makes its presence felt. [Click for music.]

Uccellini sonatas - Romanesca. Copyright (c) 1999 harmonia mundiRomanesca have conducted this rescue expedition with brilliance and scholarship. Andrew Manze, quite apart from the virtuosity of his violin playing and the depth of his knowledge, tells of the background to Uccellini's life in music, and points to the evidence of skills that separate him from lesser talent. [Click for music.] Only an astonishing turn of events, such as the last decade's microscopic search of the last four centuries for unknown music worthy of rescue for the CD market, could have pounced on Marco Uccellini and many others introduced to music lovers of today. That some composers bite the dust for a second time is one of life's misfortunes. But we are the winners simply because there is a gargantuan choice from which we may select freely or discriminately according to whim.

Copyright © Basil Ramsey, September 29th 1999 


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