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Monday morning blues


A jinxed computer (amongst other things)


Basil Ramsey: Keith, I feel an Editorial coming on ...

Keith Bramich: Oh no! ... can't we think of anything better for Monday morning than this?

BR: Well it is Monday morning, and traditionally linked with the blues.

KB: I was just a bit concerned that too many Editorials [Basil's last was 14 February] might get some of our readers' backs up.

BR: Considering the date of my last Editorial, I'm amazed that no reader has so far written in desperation for the next!

KB: Maybe the feedback form isn't working ...?

BR: Can you check it?

KB : .... it seems ok. Mind you, your computer doesn't look too healthy at the moment. Do you think it was such a good idea to start a daily magazine with a jinxed computer?

Monday morning blues

BR: No, but I'm in the habit of doing foolish things, which occasionally take a turn for the better.

KB: I've got no answer to that ... what about our contents page, though?

BR: What about it?

KB: It's a real mess! Take a look - it was ok for about the first half of January, but we've got too much content now just to list everything in chronological order. We need lots of content pages and a search facility. Peter Dale. Photo copyright (c) 1999 Keith BramichHow else is anyone going to find Peter Dale's Survivor's Guide when it's been buried under another month of daily content? It was nice to meet Peter on Friday, though.

BR: Yes, he is a remarkably good musician and writer, with a talent for finding the best in any person that he meets, which demonstrates his rapport with students.

KB: I'd love to write a 'casualties of 20th century music' article in answer - it's a good job I'm not capable.

BR: I can imagine such a subject to be vast and mostly depressing ...

KB: I don't think that our recent articles on neglected composers have been depressing.

BR: No - because composers are a tough tribe and fight on - artists with an urgent message that not many people really hear.

KB: There are thousands of sad stories - one of the prices music today pays for its excellence is that so many musicians never make it.

BR: Strange, but nature is bountiful and wasteful.

KB: Yes, we should have harnessed some of the waste for M&V instead of this conversation!

BR: Always in my mind is the amount of global talent which may write convincingly about music and musical experiences if it had the chance.

KB: Yes - there's some good writing posted to classical music newsgroups and mailing lists - reviews of concerts and CDs, and even lengthy discussions about the future of orchestras, for example. One of the problems, though, is in sorting out the brilliant writing from the indifferent ...

BR: Well, we must always encourage people to write about matters for which they feel passionate concern. Which, I suppose, is my way of saying to all who read this that they are most welcome to submit material on musical subjects if they feel an urge to share their thoughts with other people. Enough of that - where's the coffee? Then I will find an Editorial coming on!


Music & Vision suffered rather severe server problems at the weekend. All should be back to normal now. Please accept our apologies if you tried to reach the magazine. Basil Ramsey will write an Editorial for next Monday - computers permitting.

Coming this week, on Wednesday, Record Box looks at music by Mendelssohn and Uccellini, and on Thursday, Richard Graves begins another short series of By the way ... with a look at a particular soprano's corsets!


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