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John Cage on the Map

Herb Levy's 'Mappings' features the music of John Cage this week. The programme is in RealAudio, includes Imaginary Landscapes No 4, Cartridge Music, Seven, Concert for Piano, Ryoanji and 101, and will remain on the server all week - 


Australian Music Resources

Joye Volker's Australian Music Resources site is a simple no-nonsense resource, with most of the content on the main page. Organised into sections, it's easy to use, comprehensive and effective. 


Catalan composers has a list of links to (to me, unknown) Catalan composers - a very interesting starting point for anyone wanting to explore the music of this part of the world. Most of the linked pages are in Catalan, but a few have information in English. On the same server you'll find some useful selected classical music links, e.g. to music journals.


Andrys Basten's music pages

Although Andrys Basten's website is primarily about PC support, there are also several musical areas, such as available Argerich recordings, classical music searches (all on one page, including CDs, videos, sheet music and Gramophone reviews) and Freddy Kempf's Schumann CD.



Duologue is the oboe and piano duo of Rachel Broadbent and Janine Smith at Their page is a free one on the 'Geocities' server, so expect adverts to pop up in separate windows if you visit their page. These free servers - Geocities, Tripod etc - can be a good way to host your website for free, but beware, to many people the server names are synonymous with 'cheap', so a site here may not create the impression you desire. In this case, though, Rachel and Janine's site is colourful, inspiring and well-designed.


Havergal Brian

Run by the Havergal Brian Society, the official website of this British composer (1876-1972) is at With more than 350 pages (and still under development), this is one of the largest and most comprehensive composer sites anywhere on the net, with more than a hundred essays (at various levels) on the music, full details of Brian's works and about a hundred of Brian's own articles - he was a professional journalist for much of his life.


The Hibernian Prima Donna is the website (surprise, surprise) of Irish soprano Catherine Hayes. However, Catherine died 140 years ago, and this website has been made by Basil Walsh in order to promote his new book: 'Catherine Hayes: The Hibernian Prima Donna', which will be available in spring 2000 from the Irish Academic Press in Dublin.


Hyperion Artists

Have you seen Hyperion's list of artists at ? It's an impressive list, and a useful resource. Many of the artists have their own websites, to which there are links from the artist's Hyperion page.


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