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After a week which brought the demise of the UK's Bournemouth Sinfonietta and which found the pundits on in open warfare with's Mark Walmsley for advertising Andrea Bocelli in a classical music forum (!), we dare to bring you another issue of ...

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Famous people with perfect pitch

Perfect (or absolute) pitch was in the news recently, following an article in the New York Times. This week we visit Pablo Stafforini's database of famous people with perfect pitch. Pablo asks for additions/corrections to the database - instructions how to submit are on the site, but not how to decide whether a person is famous enough!


Institute for Cultural Memory

The recently updated cIMeC site lists Romanian musical institutions, opera and music theatre premieres (1990-97), Romanian works for piano solo (1900-1945) and contemporary Romanian musicians. If you don't understand the phrase Buna Ziua, be prepared to be a little baffled - the thin veneer of perfect English evaporates with a single key click! With a little consistent work (and a faster server) this could be a useful site. 


Centro Sammarinese Studi Musicali

I thought I knew most of the top-level country internet domains - .ro for the site above, for example, but this next site - - has a suffix .sm which is new to me. The site is actually a music area of SMOL - San Marino On Line - the official website of the Republic of San Marino. The music area is the Sammarinese Centre for Musical Studies (founded in 1980 by musicians from the republic) which provides a cultural service for the local population. Don't expect anything in English here either.


Musical Theatre

Continuing with the musical theatre theme, and returning swiftly to Music & Vision's small, rainy island somewhere near France, David Lewis has put together a large and informative site on musical theatre in the north-west of England - the Manchester area. It appears to be linked to NODA - a magazine covering amateur dramatics in the same area, and seems to be subject to regular updates. The Guide to Musical Theatre 


Denis ApIvor

Gordon Rumson's recent article on composer Denis ApIvor mentioned Gordon's own ApIvor website, and (in case you missed it) also linked to another ApIvor site which is part of Classical Music on the Web (UK), run by Len Mullenger (who also brought the musical theatre site above to our attention). ApIvor's autobiography is published at this site, plus a biography by David Wright.


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