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Courtly Love and Guillaume de Machaut

Elizabeth G Melillo, PhD has written an interesting essay about the tradition of courtly love, as expressed in the poetry and music of Guillaume de Machaut. The essay is all on-line at . Don't miss the drop-down box at the bottom of the page which allows you to explore other areas of 'Gloriana's Court' (each page with suitably authentic MIDI music). Some headings will give you a flavour of the site: The Bestiary, Christian Mysticism, Unicorn Volksleid and Internet Design Services (??!).


Historic Instruments 1600-1900

The Villa Medici Giuliani is a magnificent country house in Italy, dedicated to classical music. To view their collection of instruments, visit the site and click on La collezione di strumenti.


The Top 14 Worst Operas

Any resemblance between the following and operas you may have seen or heard previously is entirely coincidental ...

14: La Travolta

13: The Pirates of My Pants

12: The Oozing Dutchman

11: Gallagher's Watermelon Lake

10: Il Deliveranze (starring Ned Beatty as baritone in Act I, soprano in Act II)

9:  The Barbara of Mandrell

Terrible, aren't they? You can read the rest (plus the runners up) at The Top 5 List.


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Next week, Site Seeing welcomes Daniel Rowe who'll be visiting the websites of some of the stars of non-Western music ...

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