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Another of those 'inward-looking' episodes of 'Site Seeing', today, as we look at a new feature of M&V. If you read the August issue of our monthly newsletter, you might have already noticed the first signs of this ... here. What you're looking at, if you've clicked on this last link, is a new home page for our Ensemble series -- showing the most recent fifteen concerts and operas reviewed.

A fairly basic addition to our navigation, you might think, but when the idea is extended to different series and genres ... opera articles, interviews, profiles and tributes and Editorial musings, for example ... it becomes quite powerful. For our occasional and first time visitors especially, it will be easier to quickly scan more of our recent articles, and to home in on an area of special interest.

Those links on the right hand side of our main page -- the ones that never changed very often -- will never seem quite the same again.

Copyright © 9 August 2002 Keith Bramich, Gloucestershire, UK


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