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So who was Caleb Simper? The promotional material printed on the cover to the score was remarkable: 'over 5 million copies of his pieces in print'. The list of works published by A Weekes was enormous. Obviously Simper was someone who was extremely prolific and quite popular (5 million is a big number, especially for music published through to the 1920s. One recent new age guru happily claims to have about eight million books in print, last time I looked). Notice here the titles and the editions marked after:

Caleb Simper's Christmas Anthems
Caleb Simper's Christmas Anthems

We see that the works went though numerous editions (36th, 100th etc) or are noted as the '50th 1,000' being the fiftieth print run of scores. The volume of the publications would be considered large even today.

So we've got a live one here. Now what more can be discovered? The knack requires that further searching occur: Surface, deep and deepest searches.

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