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A web (surface) search turned up little, except a few tidbits of data. The Stainer and Bell website, which publishes some of his music has:

'A prolific composer of Victorian church music, Caleb Simper was a humble musician whose choral works sold in vast quantities, rightly deserving their publisher's accolade as being "sung throughout the civilised world". Born in Wiltshire in 1857, Simper was largely self-taught.'

'Caleb Simper (1857-1942) was for many years amongst the most performed of living composers by virtue of his anthems and services, which were "sung throughout the civilised world" ... Easy and enjoyable to sing, the music should win new admirers for the work of this eminent musical Victorian.'

Thanks to these entries, we can at least know the dates of Simper's life.

And this Church in India (confirming the promotional material's claim for wide distribution) references Simper's music:

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