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Rameau's 'Les Paladins' -
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'... a wealth of fine singing.'

Jean-Philippe Rameau: Les Paladins. © 2005 Opus Arte

Rameau wrote Les Paladins when 76. I am two years older but feel fifty years younger after experiencing this DVD. I have been careering about the house, shooting arms and legs out in all directions, wiggling my bottom suggestively, leering over the banisters with the quivering nostrils of an inquisitive rabbit, crossing the landing in one direction as a lumbering elephant, returning with the lolloping gait of a camel. Emerging from the bathroom, I have tried a bit of frontal nudity as long as there were sufficient people about. In other words, Opus Arte has inspired my 2006 to an abandonment of all inhibitions.

A scene from 'Les Paladins'. DVD screenshot © 2005 Opus Arte
A scene from 'Les Paladins'. DVD screenshot © 2005 Opus Arte


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Copyright © 1 February 2006 Robert Anderson, London UK


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