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HCB: To conduct at a bigger venue ... it's become a bit of a joke among my friends. You know -- I've never had a gig at a major venue ... just music clubs, schools, church halls, seaside pavilions, that sort of thing. I've become quite notorious for this, and my friends really tease me for it. I'd like to shut them up by getting gigs at Carnegie Hall, London's Royal Albert, Suntory ... that kind of venue.

JD: Do you think there's much chance?

HCB: I'd like to think so. But I guess time's not on my side. You know ... teaching old dogs new tricks, and all that?

JD: How old are you?

HCB: I'll be 69 in a few days' time.

JD: Well Happy Birthday for then! How's your health? Any problems?

HCB: Never felt fitter, old boy! No problems there ... I expect to go on for another twenty or thirty years. It's just that all the jobs seem to be going to the young, these days. And many of them seem to have no experience at all!

JD: Well they soon start to get experienced ... the lucky ones, anyhow. Wouldn't you say?

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