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Porgy's handicap saves him from paying the untimate penalty, but his return to Catfish Row is by no means happy. Sportin' Life has seized his chance with Bess, tempting her with the riches a New York prostitute can make, and promising all the drugs she could ever want [watch and listen -- 'There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York' (Act 3 Scene 2), chapter 31, 163:04-164:11]. Porgy cannot understand why his mates are so evasive about Bess, who has indeed done a bunk. The end of the work in Nunn's staging is almost unbearably moving, as Porgy casts aside his crutches and painfully lurches his way towards a New York somewhere 'way up North' [watch and listen -- 'Oh Lawd, I'm on my way ...' (Act 3 Scene 3), chapter 34, 179:53-180:32].

Willard White as Porgy. DVD screenshot © Primetime/BBC/EMI Records
Willard White as Porgy. DVD screenshot © Primetime/BBC/EMI Records


Copyright © 18 May 2006 Robert Anderson, London UK


The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess

4 92496 9 DVD9 PAL 4:3 Dolby Digital Stereo REISSUE 184' 1993 Primetime/BBC, under exclusive licence to EMI Records; 2001 EMI Records (DVD design, development, artwork, editorial)

Willard White, Porgy; Cynthia Haymon, Bess; Gregg Baker, Crown; Cynthia Clarey, Serena; Marietta Simpson, Maria; Damon Evans, Sportin' Life; Harolyn Blackwell, Clara (acted by Paula Ingram); Bruce Hubbard, Jake (acted by Gordon Hawkins); Barrington Coleman, Mingo; Johnny Worthy, Robbins (acted by D Alonzo Washington); Curtis Watson, Jim; Mervin Wallace, Peter, The Honey Man; Maureen Brathwaite, Lily; Autris Paige, undertaker; Paula Ingram, Annie (acted by Yolanda Grant); William Johnson, Frazier; Andrez Harriott, Scipio; Linda Thompson, neighbour; Colenton Freeman, Nelson/The Crab Man; Camellia Johnson, Strawberry Woman; Alan Tilvern, detective; Billy J Mitchell, coroner; Ted Maynard, Mr Archdale; Ron Travis, policeman; Wayne Marshall, Jasbo Brown; Steve Agyei, dancer; Bruce Leader, dancer; The Glyndebourne Chorus; Craig Rutenberg, chorus master; London Philharmonic Orchestra; Simon Rattle, conductor; Trevor Nunn, director; Greg Smith and Stephanie Marks, producers; Richard Price (Primetime) and Dennis Marks (BBC), executive producers; Based on the original Glyndebourne Festival Opera stage production directed by Trevor Nunn; Screen adaptation by Trevor Nunn and Yves Baigneres

George Gershwin: Porgy and Bess (opera in three acts, 1934-5, based on the play by DuBose and Dorothy K Heyward, with lyrics by DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin)


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