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Two singers, both baritones -- both good, in contrasting styles -- are used sparingly; out of the 29 tracks, only seven are songs. Almost, they are palette-cleansers. The main courses are the various instrumental offerings, many of them anonymous, by the two ensembles. The recorder playing of the group Il Curioso impresses immediately [listen -- 8.557138, track 1, 0:00-0:32]. Whatever the pace, they play so much as an ensemble that at times it's like listening to a rather unusual chamber organ, so strong is the sense of a single musician at work. The members of the Hedos Ensemble are no less accomplished, even virtuosic. Listen, for example to the recorder work on Der gestreifft Dantz/Gassenhauer [listen -- 8.557138, track 11, 1:28-1:59]. Timbral variety is further provided by those pieces which employ crumhorns and shawms. However, nothing quite beats the simple rendition, for four recorders, of that lovely Heinrich Isaac song: Innsbruck, ich mus dich lassen.

This is a delightful recording, and makes a lovely companion-piece to the much earlier Naxos album of music from the same period: Tugend und Untugend -- (Virtue and Vice), which focused more closely on the songs of the time.

Copyright © 22 June 2006 Rex Harley, Cardiff UK


Alfonso X el Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria

2564 61924-2 DDD Stereo REISSUE 56'10" 1999 Erato Disques; 2004 Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd

Camerata Mediterranea (Françoise Atlan, voice; Hayet Ayad, voice; Anne Azéma, voice; Equidad Bares, voice; Joel Cohen, lute and voice; Shira Kammen, harp and vielle;); Joel Cohen, director; Abdelkrim Rais Andalusian Orchestra of Fès (Aziz Alami, taar and voice; Abdessalam Amri, darbouka and voice; Mustapha Amri, viola and voice; Mohammed Briouel, violin, viola and voice; Salah Chraki, canun; Saïd Chraibi, tenor and voice; Rachid Lebbar, ud and voice); Mohammed Briouel, director

King Alfonso X of Spain ('El Sabio' - the Wise) (1221-1284): Nawba Ramal al-Maya Bughya (overture) - Instrumental; Cantiga 100: Santa Maria, strela do dia; Cantiga 406: Ben vennas, Mayo; Cantiga 370: Loemos muit'a Virgen; Cantiga 90: Sola fusti, senlleira; Cantiga 52: Mui gran dereit'é - Instrumental; Nawba Gharibat al-Husayn Tushiyas (prelude) - Instrumental; Cantiga 230: Tod'ome deve dar loor; Cantiga 130: Quen entender quiser; Cantiga 56: Gran dereit'é; Nawba Irak al-Ajam Mizan Dari - Sana 'Kouli Lmalihti' - Instrumental; Cantiga 320: Santa Maria leva; Cantiga 200: Santa Maria loei; Cantiga 417: Nobre don e muy preçado; Nawba Gharibat al-Husayn Mizan Bacit - Sana 'Kad nilto hibbi' - Instrumental; Cantiga 140: A Santa Maria dadas; Nawba Rasd al-dhil Mizan Koddam - Sana 'Allah hoo Yalamo'; Cantiga 250: Por nos Virgen Madre (Cantigas de Santa Maria - a collection of more than 400 sacred songs to the Virgin Mary)


Music from the time of Tilman Riemenscheider

8.557138 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE 60'25" 2005 Naxos Rights International Ltd

Martin Hummel, baritone; Harmut Hein, baritone; Il Curioso; Hedos Ensemble; Bernhard Böhm

Anon: Mein Herz in Freuden sich erquicket; Jean Mouton: Jamais; Anon: Basse Danse 'La Magdalena'; Anon: Tourdion; Anon: Basse Danse 'La gatta'; Anon: Zenner, greiner, wie gefelt dir das?; Heinrich Finck: Greiner, zanner; Paul Hofhaimer: Greyner, zanner, eifrer; Anon: Groß Sehnen ich im Herzen trag; Anon: Ich tät mir auserwählen; Anon: Der gestreifft Dantz/Gassenhauer; Anon: Se hyn mein hercz; Anon: Ich spring an diesem ringe; Johann Walter: Aus tiefer Not; Thomas Stoltzer: Ich klag den Tag; Heinrich Isaac: Innsbruch, ich muß dich lassen; Thomas Stoltzer: Entlaubet ist der Walde; Anon: Wir zogen in das Feld; Anon: Es solt ein man kein mole farn; Anon: Der wallt hat sich entlaubet; Anon: Ich sachs eins mals; Anon: Elslein; Erasmus Lapicida: Tandernaken; Anon: Der Vöglein Art; Anon: Katzenpfote; Anon: Alle furf; Anon: Canto dei lanzi allegri; Jacob Obrecht: Rompeltier (Rumfeltiere, Rumfeldaer); Anon: Es wolt ein Jäger jagen



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