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Perhaps the key to the importance of this recording is that the Concerto delle Donne has considerable experience in performing Carissimi. The relevance of this is that Charpentier went to Rome to study and became a student of Carissimi. If it had not been for the religious divisions and the political confusions of the period Carissimi would be better known. However, listening to his music and reading contemporary comment on him, he was clearly a brilliant composer. It is worth mentioning that the Concerto delle Donne made an excellent CD entitled Piangete which is mostly of music by Carissimi. Here is a group well versed in the works by the teacher of Charpentier and it shows. They grasp the musicality that Charpentier had probably learned from Carissimi and it comes through very clearly.

From whence the musicality came may be an interesting point for discussion but what is clear is that the musicality of this performance goes hand in hand with the musicality of the music itself. The performance is excellent throughout [listen -- track 2, 2:01-3:04]. The solo parts are very well performed by Donna Deam, Faye Newton and Gill Ross. The chorus is good and fits beautifully. Alistair Ross approaches the superb 17th century organ with respect and understanding and the resulting pieces and the accompaniment to the voices are perfect; he also directs the Concerto delle Donne.

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Classical Music Programme Notes for concerts and recordings, by Malcolm Miller