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The actual recording is well handled and is very good. Without experiencing the acoustics in this church it is hard to judge but it could be that the organ could have used a little more space and the consequent reverberation. While electronic acoustic simulation has advanced in an astonishing manner there is no substitute for the fine articulation of reality as in this really good recording [listen -- track 8, 0:00-1:36].

In the booklet in the CD jewel case there is a very informative and useful essay by C Jane Gosine who edited much of the music. There is also a picture of the organ. Sadly, the picture of this superb organ is cut just below the 'ruchpositiv' and therefore does not show the fine proportions of the case. It is good that details of the organ and name of the church are given. It is also reassuring that there are organisations and people in other countries, as we have in the UK, that are concerned about historic organs.

Copyright © 5 July 2006 Peter G Howell, Budapest, Hungary


Music for the Virgin Mary - Celebrating 300 Years of Charpentier

SIGCD073 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE 69'00" 2006 Signum Records

Concerto delle Donne - Donna Deam, Faye Newton and Gill Ross; Miriam Allan, soprano; Caroline Ashton, soprano; Rachel Bevan, soprano; Jennie Cassidy, soprano; Charlotte Fairbairn, soprano; Ana Gabriela Schwedheim, soprano; Alistair Ross, organ and director

Lebègue: Prélude du cinquième ton (C major); Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704): Antiphon Ave Regina coelorum H19; Motet Sicut spina rosam H309; Motet Gaude felix Anna H315; Lebègue: Tierce en taille du deuxième ton (G minor); Nivers: Antiphon Gabriel Angelus; Charpentier: Magnificat pour le Port Royal H81; Antiphon Alma redemptoris mater H21; Motet: Frigidae noctis umbra totum H421; In Nativitate Domini N(ost)ri Jesu Christi Canticum; Lebègue: Noël: Où s'en vont ces gays bergers?; Attrib Lully: Antiphon Salve Regina; Nivers: Récit de cromorne du troisième ton (A minor); Charpentier: Sequence Stabat Mater pour les religieuses H15; Nivers: Dialogue à deux choeurs du sixième ton (F major); Charpentier: Antiphon Regina coeli laetare H32; Hymn Gaudia Virginis Mariae H59; Lebègue: Plein Jeu du huitième ton (G major)





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