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The basis of the ballet, yet more chaotic than the original, is the tale of a boy obsessed by his dead mother. As substitute figure there is a vast Venus statue at the back of the stage. What goes on in front of her bears little relation to Tchaikovsky's music, which somehow survives in the capable hands of the Orchestre Colonne under Edmón Colomer. Whether the accordion of red-haired Yvette Horner adds greatly to the 'Waltz of the Flowers' is a matter of taste [watch and listen -- chapter 29, 76:09-78:14]. I am not sure whether, where all is sensation, comic enough but in no way frightening and only intermittently of interest, any question of taste arises.

Yvette Horner in Béjart's Nutcracker. DVD screenshot © 2000 RM Associates
Yvette Horner in Béjart's Nutcracker. DVD screenshot © 2000 RM Associates


Copyright © 21 August 2006 Robert Anderson, London UK


Maurice Béjart's The Nutcracker

DV-BLBNC DVD9 PAL Region 2 16:9LB LPCM Stereo; AC3 Digital 5.0; DTS 5.0 REISSUE 126' 2000 RM Associates; 2003 TDK Recording Media Europe SA - artwork and editorial

Elisabet Ros, Elle, the mother; Gil Roman, Marius Petipa, Méphisto; Juichi Kobayashi, Félix the cat; Damaas Thijs, Bim, the son; Yvette Horner, accordion; Béjart Ballet Lausanne; Orchestre Colonne; Edmón Colomer, conductor; Roger Bernard, sets; Anna di Giorgi, costumes; Andy Rose, audio director; Andy Lloyd, videotape editor; John Burgess, lighting; Colin Wilson, producer; Ross Macgibbon, director

Maurice Béjart's The Nutcracker (choreography by Maurice Béjart and Marius Petipa; some music by Tchaikovsky and C P E Bach). Recorded at the Théâtre Musical de Paris - Châtelet. Extra feature: 'Behind the scenes of Maurice Béjart's 'The Nutcracker'

Issued as a TDK box set DV-BOXBAL3 (2006) with Adam's Giselle and Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet


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