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The intensity of their consuming love gets fiery expression in the garden beneath Juliet's balcony, where Prokofiev's lyricism allows the dancers maximum sensuality and this wondrous pair suggests Tristan and Isolde in portraying a passion that can only be fully realised in death [watch and listen -- chapter 24, 53:54-55:10]. Marriage might save them, provided they can flee the family feud. The Friar Laurence of Sergio Sanvito, initially rehearsing a Soviet prayer or two, finally agrees to join their hands [watch and listen -- chapter 30, 76:21-77:12].

Sergio Sanvito as Friar Laurence. DVD screenshot © 2002 EuroArts Music International GmbH
Sergio Sanvito as Friar Laurence. DVD screenshot © 2002 EuroArts Music International GmbH

That messages and medicaments go sufficiently awry to cause calamity means the dancing is over and only the acting of despair remains [watch and listen -- chapter 52, 125:38-127:18]. If David Garforth on the rostrum has not achieved the full subtlety of the score with his Milan team, the remedy is at once apparent: any conductor's best friend is the largest mirror he can manage to carry home. To sound right it is essential to look right.

Copyright © 22 August 2006 Robert Anderson, London UK


Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet - Teatro alla Scala

DV-BLRAJ DVD9 PAL 16:9 anamorphic all regions DD5.1, DTS 5.1, PCM Stereo REISSUE 115' 2002 EuroArts Music International GmbH, TDK Recording Media Europa SA

Alessandra Ferri, Juliet; Angel Corella, Romeo; Michele Villanova, Mercutio; Alessandro Grillo, Benvolio; Gianni Ghisleni, Tybalt; Bryan Hewison, Paris; Corpo di Ballo del Teatro alla Scala; Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala; David Garforth, conductor; Ezio Frigerio, sets; Franca Squarciapino, costumes; Nini Perno, TV producer; Tina Protasoni, TV director

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953): Romeo and Juliet (choreography by Kenneth MacMillan, adapted by Monica Parker, Georgina Parkinson and Julie Lincoln). Recorded live at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan, January 2000.

Issued as a TDK box set DV-BOXBAL3 (2006) with Adam's Giselle and Béjart's Nutcracker


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