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They each have their own fans, and musical emotions are seldom far from the boiling over point as rehearsals must somehow be gotten through before the big night. Although the police are ever present, keeping a watchful eye on the visiting maestro, he manages to elude his guarddog, setting in motion the helter-skelter -- very satisfying -- conclusion.

Astute followers of classical music for the last few years may well recognize some situations in this story, and even think they know which celebrities did which tricks. And indeed, they may! I'm not confident enough in my celebrity-watching to be sure of any of them, but that didn't make it any less fun to read this book!

The barbs, nasty as well as hilarious, go whizzing past, so continually, in all directions that you could easily think you're in the middle of a darts match. The words and the music all come together wonderfully in this satirical look at the world of classical music. Bravo!

Copyright © 5 February 2007 Kelly Ferjutz, Cleveland USA


Settling the Score

Michael Levin

Simon & Schuster, 1989
ISBN10 0-671-66761-0, hardback
Paperback edition: Ivy Books, 1990, ISBN10 0-804-10632-0
Out of print - used copies available


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