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'Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works: For the Use of Teachers, Players, and Music Clubs' by Edward Baxter Perry. Theodore Presser Co (Philadelphia, USA, 1902)  W A Mozart: Musical Diary 1784-1791. © 2018 SP Books  Jonathan Keates: Messiah - The Composition and Afterlife of Handel's Masterpiece. ISBN: 9 781784 974008. © 2016 Head of Zeus Ltd  James Hamilton-Paterson: Sinfonia Eroica - The First Great Romantic Symphony - Ludwig van Beethoven. ISBN: 9 781784 977214. © 2016 Head of Zeus Ltd  'Composers' Intentions? Lost Traditions of Musical Performance' by Andrew Parrott. Boydell and Brewer 2015, 421 pages. ISBN 978 1 78327 032 3


Somewhat Delayed Reviews - A Memory Thread - Edward Baxter Perry's 'Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works: For the Use of Teachers, Players, and Music Clubs', read by Endre Anaru

Book review. An Elegant Publication - Mozart's Musical Diary, 1784-1791, read by Daniel Schorno

Book Review. A Real Gem - Jonathan Keates' study of Handel's 'Messiah', recommended by Gerald Fenech

Book Review. Exceptionally Well Informed - James Hamilton-Paterson's 'Sinfonia Eroica', highly recommended by Gerald Fenech

Book Review. A Work of Profound Scholarship - Andrew Parrott's 'Composers' Intentions? Lost Traditions of Musical Performance', read by Roderic Dunnett

Book review. Colourful Sketches - Robert Meyer's 'The Bottom Line', recommended by the late Howard Smith

Book review. Hugely Atmospheric - Jessica Duchen's new novel 'Ghost Variations', highly recommended by Alice McVeigh

Book review. Plenty of Surprises - Lauren E Rico's ambitious first novel 'Reverie', recommended by Ron Bierman

Common Ground - Andrew Schartmann's book 'Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros Soundtrack' impresses Keith Bramich

Cogent and Interesting - Dennis Marks' 'The Knowledge - Opera', read by Roderic Dunnett

Objects of Prestige - Keith Bramich dips into the musical instrument collection at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art

Musical Prowess - Robert Anderson's 'Opera Nights and Nightmares', read by Gerald Fenech

Ask Alice - On Martin Wulfhorst's 'Orchestral Violinist's Companion', with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Impressionism and Symbolism - Debussy, by Eric Jensen, read by Robert Anderson

A Nostalgic Read - Personal memories of Liverpool's Playhouse Theatre, read by Gerald Fenech

Fresh Insights - Paul Kildea discusses work on his recent book about Britten, heard by Mike Wheeler

Authentic Portrayals - 'Aloha, Mozart' by Waimea Williams, read by Kelly Ferjutz

So Much, For So Many - R Murray Schafer's 'My Life on Earth and Elsewhere', read by A P Virag

An Invaluable Book - Gergely Hubai's 'Torn Music: Rejected film scores, a selected history', recommended by Patric Standford

Ensemble. Apocalypse Now - Franz Schmidt's 'The Book with Seven Seals', reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi

A Whimsical Novel - Edmund Bealby-Wright's 'This Farewell Symphony', read by Karen Haid

Fun to Read - 'Dwynwen's Feast' by I H Smythe, read by Kelly Ferjutz

Ensemble. No Sense or Sensibility - George Balcombe dismisses Patrick Piggott's book about music in the life and writings of Jane Austen

An Ever-Active Hive - Robert Anderson examines the latest score from Acuta Music

An Eloquent Devotee - Ronald Stevenson's writings on Grainger, read by Robert Anderson

Utterly Compelling - Jon Gillock's 'Performing Messiaen's Organ Music: 66 Masterclasses', read by Tom Corfield

A Golden Treasury - Havergal Brian on European and American music, read by Patric Standford

Most Welcome - The first edition of two Elgar movements for oboe quartet, reviewed by Robert Anderson

Much Augmented - A new score of Elgar's 'Arthur', perused by Robert Anderson

Strongly Stated and Idiosyncratic - 'Composing in Words: William Alwyn on his Art', read by Patric Standford

Truly Charming - John Sant'Ambrogio's 'The Day I Almost Destroyed the Boston Symphony, and Other Stories', read by Kelly Ferjutz

Magnificent Scholarship - Robert Hugill reads the new Cambridge Handel Encyclopaedia

A Model of Clarity - A new score of Elgar's 'Mina', appraised by Robert Anderson

A Useful Survey - Thomas May's 'The John Adams Reader', reviewed by Mike Wheeler

A Natural Aristocrat - 'Cardus - Celebrant of Beauty' by Robin Daniels, reviewed by Robert Anderson

Truly Hilarious - Jenny Setchell's book 'Organ-isms', recommended by Kelly Ferjutz

A Symbol of Peace - Howard Smith comments on Alberto Portugheis' recent publication

An Unexpected Treasure - Jeanette Hanscome talks to author Helen Martens about her new book 'Felix Mendelssohn: Out of the Depths of His Heart'

A Major Pleasure - A new study score of Elgar's 'Empire March', reviewed by Robert Anderson

Scrupulously Done - Andrew Barnett's 'Sibelius', read by Robert Anderson

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