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Innova says:
The Enclosures series, named after Partch's last contemplated work and released on the innova Recordings label of the American Composers Forum, is the culmination of a 13-year endeavor by Dr Philip Blackburn ... Inspired by Partch's pioneering spirit and dearth of published materials, Blackburn worked with the Harry Partch Foundation, colleague Kenneth Gaburo, and many others to bring Partch's singular voice to the public, attempting to 'let Harry speak for himself.'

Congratulations to all concerned. They have achieved their objective.

Gourd Tree and Cone Gongs
Gourd Tree and Cone Gongs


Copyright © 26 July 2007 Malcolm Tattersall, Townsville, Australia


Enclosure Seven: Harry Partch

innova 407 DVD NTSC, Region 0 (Worldwide) Stereo FIRST RELEASE 140' 2006 American Composers Forum

Philip Blackburn, producer

The Dreamer That Remains - A Portrait of Harry Partch (1972); Delusion of the Fury: A Ritual of Dream and Delusion (1969); Bonus Album Slideshow: The Instruments of Harry Partch (1969); Dreamer: Director Stephen Pouliot's commentary (2006); Dreamer outtake: Making Rose Petal Jam (1972); Excerpts from Revelation in the Courthouse Park (1960); The Enclosures Series



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