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Joachim Raff (1822-1882) lifted the chorus 'Treulich geführt' from Act III, Scene 1 of Lohengrin (ie 'Here Comes the bride') for his take on the 'inviolate' Teutonic works of Richard Wagner.

Raff's somber start resembles a funeral march more than a wedding and as his 9+ minute item proceeds, its embellishments remain more lyrical than joyful as is customary when accompanying nuptials. Throughout the piece pianist Benjamin Loeb has several highly decorative passages and both instruments are allowed less than a minute for an up-tempo finale.

Listen -- Raff: Duo on themes from Wagner's Lohengrin (track 2, 7:57-9:04)
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Parasha's Aria from Mavra (1922), Stravinsky's one-act, 25 minute opera buffa (derived from a story by Pushkin) is arranged here by the composer's contemporary, friend, and collaborator, violinist Samuel Dushkin (1891-1976). As the performer explained it: 'My function was to advise Stravinsky on how his ideas could best be adapted to the exigencies of the violin as a concert display.' Sohn and Loeb present it in laid-back jaunty style entirely befitting the light-hearted domestic love tale.

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