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Hebrew Melodies - Maurice Sklar



Playing time: [c66']
Tracks: 16
Booklet pages: 16
© 2008 Artists of Faith Records and Maurice Sklar
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Hebrew Melodies - Maurice Sklar published on 15 November 2017

Listen: Ernest Bloch: Simchas Torah - Rejoicing in the Law (Baal Shem Suite)

Maurice Sklar, violin
Hugh Sung, piano

Abraham Goldfaden transcribed Anthony Collins:

1 Raisins and Almonds

George Perlman:

2 Dance of the Rebbitzin (Suite Hebraique)

Josef Bonime transcribed Mischa Elman:

3 Danse Hebraique

George Perlman:

4 Hebrew Chant and Dance (Ghetto Sketches)

Maurice Ravel:

5 Kaddisch

Leo Zeitlin transcribed Joseph Achron:

6 Eli Zion

Joseph Achron edited Jascha Heifetz:

7 Hebrew Dance Op 35 No 1
8 Hebrew Lullaby Op 35 No 2
9 Hebrew Melody Op 35 No 3

Jacob Koppel Sandler transcribed Mischa Elman:

10 Elli, Elli

Mark Warshawsky transcribed Joel Belov:

11 At the Fireplace

Max Bruch:

12 Kol Nidre

Ernest Bloch:

Baal Shem Suite (Three Pictures of Hassidic Life):
13 Vidui (Contrition)
14 Nigun (Improvisation)
15 Simchas Torah (Rejoicing in the Law)

Grigoras Dinicu arranged Jascha Heifetz:

16 Hora Staccato


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