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The City - music by Aaron Copland


NTSC Dual Layer DVD, 4:3, Regions: all
Digital DTS Surround / Dolby Digital

Playing time: 131'44"
Chapters: 8 + 8 + 1 + 9
Booklet pages: 8
© 2009 Naxos Rights International Ltd
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of The City - music by Aaron Copland published on 2 August 2011

Watch and listen: Satisfying Common Needs (chapter 4, 33:09-34:17)

Post-Classical Ensemble
Angel Gil-Ordóñez, music director
Joseph Horowitz, artistic director

The City: 1939 documentary film with a newly recorded soundtrack of the score by Aaron Copland:
1 New England Countryside
2 Milltown
3 Urban Ills
4 Fire Engine and Lunch Counter
5 Sunday Traffic
6 Science Takes Flight
7 Baseball and Swimming
8 Satisfying Common Needs

Extra features:

The City with original 1939 soundtrack

Which Playground for your Child: Greenbelt or Gutter? (2000)
A documentary film from the Greenbelt Museum featuring interviews with three Greenbelt 'pioneers'

George Stoney in conversation with Joseph Horowitz (2007)
A legendary documentary film maker revisits 'The City'


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