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A Stimulating Recital

Contemporary music for
oboe and ensemble -
heard by

'... a wide range of interest.'

Greatest Hits of All Time - contemporary music for oboe and ensemble. © 2009 Divine Art Ltd

The Redgates, oboist Christopher and conductor Roger, again join forces to produce a stimulating recital of challenging recent pieces focussing mainly on works for oboe and strings all performed by Christopher, the masterly virtuoso. There are two pieces by Roger Redgate, a short Quintet written in 2003 and Éperons, an earlier work from 1988 for oboe and percussion (Julian Warburton) which explores a remarkable range of technical boldness.

Listen -- Roger Redgate: Éperons
(track 3, 1:21-1:56) © 2009 Christopher Redgate

Christopher Fox's Oboe Quintet was first heard in 1996 and in part is captured in a Stravinskian rhythmic framework, compulsive and exhilarating, though this is only one phase through which the fourteen minute piece passes.

Listen -- Christopher Fox: Oboe Quintet
(track 4, 3:10-4:28) © 2009 Christopher Redgate

Howard Skempton's style is that of an independent voice, quite apart from much mainstream experimental work. His interest in economy has produced a series of highly intriguing pieces, and the Garland for oboe and string trio is just such a one -- a perfect title for a piece of lyrical beauty.

Listen -- Howard Skempton: Garland
(track 5, 1:32-2:20) © 2009 Christopher Redgate

Michael Finnissy has two pieces on the disc, the first giving its title to the CD, a substantial work for oboe and ensemble, and Ceci n'est pas une forme, a filigree weaving oboe around piano and pizzicato strings.

Listen -- Michael Finnissy: Ceci n'est pas une forme
(track 6, 0:01-1:20) © 2009 Christopher Redgate

James Clarke's Oboe Quintet allows for the soloist to double on cor anglais, and inhabits a more disruptive atmosphere with a rather menacing closing section.

Listen -- James Clarke: Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet
(track 7, 6:50-8:07) © 2009 Christopher Redgate

Excellently recorded with clarity, this is a recital to capture a wide range of interest.

Copyright © 31 October 2009 Patric Standford,
Wakefield UK







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