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Michael Finnissy

Michael Finnissy was born in London on 17 March 1946. He studied composition in London and Rome. His brilliance as a pianist matches his reputation as a composer. CDs of Finnissy playing his own music and of Finnissy as an arranger of Gershwin's music have been reviewed in this magazine.

A selection of M&V articles about Michael Finnissy

CD Spotlight. Fascinating Work - Grieg and Finnissy for piano quintet, heard by Robert Anderson. '... the whole disc is an unexpected serendipity.'

CD Spotlight. Consummate Skill - Music for newly designed oboes impresses Patric Standford. '... as fascinating and challenging as it is revelatory.'

DVD Spotlight. Seen and Heard - Modern music from the Kreutzer Quartet, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... whimsical, fickle and modernistic ...'

CD Spotlight. A Stimulating Recital - Contemporary music for oboe and ensemble, heard by Patric Standford. '... a wide range of interest.'

Bizarre Perception - Alistair Hinton discusses a recent article on English music by David Hamilton

Ensemble. A Brilliant Idea - A Bernard Stevens celebration at London's Wigmore Hall, reviewed by Bill Newman

Record box. Tour-de-force - Patric Standford listens to recent music for solo flutes, played by Nancy Ruffer

CD Spotlight. Sonic embroidery - The music of Richard Emsley, reviewed by Patric Standford. '... a more or less complete portrait of the composer's identity.'

Record box - American spiritual. Marilyn Nonken plays new piano works written for her, investigated by Keith Bramich


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