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Carey Blyton in Camera



Playing time: 74'27"
Tracks: 38
Booklet pages: 12
© 2009 Upbeat Recordings Ltd
Reviewer: Patric Standford
Review of Carey Blyton in Camera published on 2 January 2010

Listen: Blue Christmas (track 38, 0:01-0:59)

Carey Blyton (1932-2002):

Dr Who Music
Silurian Suite Op 102 for Trumpet in B flat and Piano
1 In the Caves
2 A Close Encounter
3 March: The Brigadier
Angela Whelan, trumpet
Jennifer Partridge, piano
Vogan Suite Op 101 for Horn in F and Piano
4 Deep Space
5 Vogan March
6 'All's well ... that ends well!'
Stephen Roberts, horn
Jennifer Partridge, piano
Dalek Suite Op 103 for Saxophone Quartet
7 A Desolate Landscape
8 Chants and Variants
9 Dalek 'March' and Retreat
The Phoenix Saxophone Quartet

In Memoriam Django Reinhardt Op 64
10 Prelude (Variation 1)
11 Elegy (Variation 2)
12 Django Reinhard's Stomp (Theme)

13 The War Song of the Saracens Op 106 for SATB Choir and Piano
Jennifer Partridge, piano

Prayers from the Ark, Op 48
Seven Songs for High Voice and Piano
14 The Prayer of the Cock
15 The Prayer of the Goldfish
16 The Prayer of the Cat
17 The Prayer of the Tortoise
18 The Prayer of the Mouse
19 The Prayer of the Ox
20 The Prayer of the Lark
Beryl Korman, soprano
Jennifer Partridge, piano

Two Pensive Songs Op 10 (1951) for Tenor and Piano
21 Two Stolen Roses (words by Carey Blyton)
22 Come, Night (words by Donald R Hills)
Ian Partridge, tenor
Jennifer Partridge, piano

Pasticheries (non-Boulangerie) Op 82
23 The Return of Bulgy Gogo - ragtime (a tribute to Peter Warlock)
24 The Velvet Gentleman - a la brossienne (a tribute to Erik Satie)
25 Up the Faringdon Road! - Valse Brilliantine (a tribute to Lord Berners)
The Cann Piano Duo

26 Saxe Blue Op 65
Dai Pritchard, tenor saxophone
Jennifer Partridge, piano

Lachrymae - In Memoriam John Dowland, Op 23
27 Prelude
28 Song (1): Madrigal (William Drummond)
29 Interlude I
30 Song (2): The Moon (Percy Bysshe Shelley)
31 Interlude II
32 Song (3): The Open Door (Francis Weiss)
33 Interlude III
34 Song (4): The Sick Rose (William Blake)
35 Interlude IV
36 Song (5): Sonnet (Samuel Daniel)
37 Postlude
Ian Partridge, tenor
The Britten Sinfonia

38 Blue Christmas for voice and piano
Soo-Bee-Lee, soprano
Raphael Terroni, piano


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