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A selection of M&V 'Mass' articles

CD Spotlight. Gloriously Provocative - Bernstein's Mass, heard by Robert Anderson. '... the scandal and much of the fun is in the "tropes".'

Ensemble. Substantial and Astonishing - Robert Hugill listens to sixteenth century Christmas music sung by the Chapelle du Roi

CD Spotlight. Uncharted Waters - Joshua Pierce plays Schubert, heard by Robert Anderson. '... sensitive pianism ...'

Ensemble. Expert Playing - Music for voices and brass, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Record Box. Vibrant Presentation - A worthy memorial to William Ferris, reviewed by Patric Standford

Ensemble. A perfect marriage of music and theology - Pippa Hare was at the Tudeley Festival's performance of Bach's B minor Mass

CD Spotlight. Rare indeed - The C minor Mass by Johann Simon Mayr, appreciated by Roderic Dunnett. '... spirited, alert and uplifting.'

Ensemble. Dramatic writing - Rex Harley attends a memorable performance of the Victoria Requiem

Ensemble. Devotion and heroism - Ted and Emi Norrish enjoy a musical weekend in Munich

CD Spotlight - Spiritual mysteries. 'This is a great recording of what, I dare to suggest, will come to be recognised as great music.' James MacMillan's music for Westminster Cathedral, considered by David Thompson

Record box - Irresistible beauty - Anonymous 4, with Basil Ramsey


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