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Dal Segno Records

Launched in 2003 and based in Perivale, Middlesex, UK, the Dal Segno catalogue focuses mainly on preserved original piano roll recordings from composers of the classical, romantic and contemporary eras at the keyboard.

In 2008 the label signed pianist Wu Qian, and the catalogue also features a selection of 1980s recordings originally released on Denon, with artists including Andras Schiff, Jacques Rouvier and Herbert Blomstedt.

A selection of M&V articles about Dal Segno Records

CD Spotlight. Spirited Performances - Jean Yves Thibaudet plays Chopin, heard by the late Howard Smith. '... this revival of early Thibaudet performances is consistently satisfying.'

CD Spotlight. Fabulously Exuberant - Michel D'Alberto plays Schubert, heard by Howard Smith. '... contagious buoyancy and affection.'

CD Spotlight. Limitless Passion - Hélène Grimaud plays Rachmaninov, recommended by Howard Smith. '... glowing drive and triumphant resolve.'

CD Spotlight. Stylish Playing - Some recommended commercial recordings, heard by Bill Newman. 'How dare they!'

CD Spotlight. A Pianistic Tribute - Jean-Yves Thibaudet plays Liszt, heard by Robert Anderson. '... remarkable performance ...'

CD Spotlight. Compelling and Pleasurable - Arthur Friedheim plays Liszt, Chopin, Gottschalk and Henselt, heard by Patric Standford. '... a slightly improvisatory interpretation ...'

CD Spotlight. A Strange Choice - Violin concertos by Vivaldi, heard by Howard Smith. '... reliable and persuasive ...'

CD Spotlight. Perfectly Adequate - Jacques Rouvier's Debussy Préludes, heard by Julian Jacobson. '... the performances lack a degree of intensity and personal involvement.'


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