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A selection of M&V 'András Schiff' articles

Ensemble. First 'Last Sonatas' - The first of three András Schiff recitals at London's Wigmore Hall whets Malcolm Miller's appetite

Ensemble. Exquisite Music-making - Miklós Perényi and András Schiff at London's Wigmore Hall, heard by Malcolm Miller

Ensemble. Peak Form - Mike Wheeler finds Mark Elder and the Hallé Orchestra a joy to hear

'Bach the European' - Malcolm Miller attends András Schiff's 2007 RAM Bach Prize Lecture-Recital

CD Spotlight. Unassuming virtuosity - András Schiff plays Bach's 'Goldberg Variations', enjoyed by Patric Standford. '... impressive and enviable effortlessness ...'

CD Spotlight. Appropriate ardency - Juliane Banse and András Schiff perform songs by Debussy and Mozart, reviewed by John Bell Young. '... a smart and authoritative singer ...'


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